WordPress 101 Course

How to use WordPress for Beginners (2018)

"My good friend @MartieDread has done it again!

He's been on the WordPress scene nearly a decade so he knows how to take complex WordPress concepts and boil them down so even beginners can understand. If you're new to WordPress, check out this course!"

- Bjorn Allpas, WPLearningLab.

This free WordPress 101 course will cover how to use WordPress, in a way that anyone should be able to understand.

(aimed at beginners, but not completely basic).

By the end of this 16 Lesson course, you will have all the skills necessary to create amazing WordPress websites & blogs! (around 69 mins total).

There is a full list of what will be covered in this course below.

Who will benefit from this free course?

Here are just a few examples:

  • Beginners wanting to learn WordPress for free.
  • People without the funds to hire a web designer.
  • Aspiring Web Designers (could sell these sites).
  • Bloggers who want to have full control of their site.
  • Small Online / Local Businesses.
  • School / University Students wanting to learn new skills.
  • Charities & Non-Profit Organisations.
  • Online / Offline Entrepreneurs.

So if you are ready to start learning WordPress for free,
just click the button above to join this WordPress 101 course!

"This is a great course for beginners — definitely worth checking out!"

- Alex, WP Eagle.

So... Who am I?

The Instructor
The Instructor

Hey, my name is @Martiedread.

I've been using WordPress myself for over 7 years now, and decided to create the different courses on this site to share what I've learned throughout this time.

I look forward to helping you learn some new skills!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will this course be using WordPress.com or WordPress.org?
This course will be covering how to use WordPress.org.
Do the lessons have subtitles/transcripts?
All of the lessons in this course will have a transcript on the lesson pages.
Will I need to have any previous experience before joining?
Not at all… If you can use your computer to send an email, you'll be able to build an amazing website, or start a blog with WordPress!
Will this course be using the most up to date version of WordPress?
I will always try my best to keep this course up to date. If you notice that it’s not… please send me an email ([email protected]) and I will try to get it updated ASAP.
How long will it take to build a WordPress website or blog?
You could probably setup a nice looking 5 page website in a few hours… or if you are completely new to all of this, maybe a few afternoons? (This is just an estimate! haha)
Will you share any of my personal information if I join this course?
DEFINITELY NOT... Any information you share with me will be kept 100% confidential. I might send occasional emails letting you know of new content/courses you might be interested in. (unsubscribe at any time without losing access!).